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Security cameras play an important role in crime prevention and solving.
As authorized dealer and installer for Lilin High Definition security cameras, we are able to offer a tailor made camera setup.
Based on the latest IP (Internet Protocol) technology, combined with many unique features, Lilin can give you many benefits.
The advantage of an IP based system over analogue CCTV is clear, and by that we mean literally - better picture quality. After all, the whole point of a Video Surveillance System is to see exactly what is going on and recognize people. How many times have you heard about or seen grainy footage of a perpetrator committing a crime that was taken by a traditional CCTV system?
Most often you can't make out more than a fuzzy form and the images are useless to law enforcement.
By choosing our camera systems, you can rest your mind assure of a top-quality product that gives you the clearest High Definition images in its class.
Local time:
Many different models
Video resolution comparison chart
Traditional CCTV system: VGA/D1 Our systems: 1080p/2.1 MP
* Mobile viewing
* Motion detection
  with email alert
* Night vision
* Zoom & wide lenses
* Record to SD card
* Microphone/Speaker
* Switch lights or alarm
* Record up to 48 cameras
* Vandal proof
* In and outdoor models
      And many more.....
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