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Asoni Security Cameras
- Top quality High Definition IP based security cameras 
- Various types: in- and outdoor, fixed or PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom)
- Various models: box, bullet or dome (also vandal proof)
- Recording solutions for up to 48 cameras
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Automated Vehicle Access Control
- Automatic entry and/or exist, based on vehicle number plate detection
- PC based software controls, keeps database and records every move
- Black list function to deny access
- Detailed reporting
- Easy to add on to new or existing barrier (boom arm or gate)
Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security
- Prevent viruses to infect PC's and servers
- Block dangerous activities
- Automatic removal of viruses from emails
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Backup solutions
- For individual computers to server
- various backup media options
- Archiving
- Server and workstation data recovery
Dell/Sonicwall Firewall solutions
- Protect your networked computers from hackers and viruses
- Filter and block unwanted network traffic
- Control which websites users are allowed to visit
- Alerting and reporting
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