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Printers - Scanners - Monitors - other peripherals
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Printers and multi-function units
- Inkjet and laser based models available 
- Just printer or multi-function (printer+scanner+fax)
- From personal use to high-volume workgroup models
- Label printers
- Flatbed scanners A4 and A3 size
- High speed document scanners with automatic feeder
- Film scanners
- Screen sizes from 18.5 up to 30 inch
- Standard or IPS panel for true photographic imaging
- Various connections: VGA, DVI, HDMI and display port
- Projectors for business or home cinema use
- Wide-screen full HD models available
- Portable projectors
- Projection screens (fixed, manual pull-down or motorized)
UPS  (un-interuptable power supply)
- Both offline and online models available
- Capacities from 600 VA to 10 Kva
- Desktop and rackmount models
- Advanced management software