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Servers and Network equipment
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High quality servers from SuperMicro or Hewlett Packard, either standard or custom built. 

- Various purposes: File-sharing / Front & back-end application / Web and email hosting
- Single or multi-processor models
- Redundancy options available for storage, network card and power supply
- Rackmount and floor-standing towers
Active network components
- Network switches
- Routers and firewall's
- Wireless systems for both in- and outdoor
- Wireless point to point solutions (up to 1 Gb. per second transfer rate)
- Network over electric wiring
Passive network components
- Network patch panels up to 48 ports Cat. 5e and Cat.6
- Network wall outlets
- Vertical free-standing data-columns for network points and electric supply
- Network cable and patch leads (Cat. 5 & 6) in various colours
Storage and backup units
- Flexible hard-drive based storage solutions
- Backup solutions for servers or complete networks
Rack cabinets
- Wall-mounted or floorstanding models
- Sizes from 6U to 42U
- Full range of accessories as in ventilators, power-bars, cable management etc.